3. 8. 2021
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Types of Identity Theft
Postal mail Identity Theft, this is where the thief steals a person’s mail from to get the address, divert the mails so that they can get sensitive information of the person the bank account details for the financial statements, credit card details and even medical insurance details which are used to get cheap insurance. Online Identity Theft, this is happens when the theft is able to hack details of the ATM, credit card or other means used to shop online, the shopper’s information is then used by the thief to shop for items from any store or the same store and the items sold elsewhere, for further details on check out cpn numbers legal. Account Identity Fraud, this occurs when the thief is able to hack into a financial institutions systems, corporate or SME data base and hack into the individual’s accounts, this happens due to a malware attack or a data breach, from there the thief if able to alter information, gain access to passwords and transfer money to a separate account, it is important to note all transactions in the account that can lead to suspicious activity, read more via the cpn numbers legal. ATM or Credit Card Identity Fraud, this occurs when the thief is able to hack into the your bank cards and use your card for transactions not authorized by the card owner, this can be done from the ATM points, or form any PDQ machine where the card details can be skimmed and the information used for financial transactions elsewhere, to learn more click on cpn numbers legal. Fraud of Identity through biometry, the fraudsters gain access to voice or face recognition passwords and are able to get a person’s identity and use it to gain access to sensitive data or gain privileged favors to access financial accounts, chcek out the cpn numbers legal and learn more. Loan Identity Fraud, this occurs when the fraudster is able to a person’s sensitive information and request for a loan(s) especially where the loans do not need physical verification, the thief can borrow as much as they want through another borrower’s identity this results to losses to the financial institution or unexplained loan payment expenses to the borrower,check out the cpn numbers legal and learn more. SIM Card Identity Theft, this is common when the mobile phone is stolen and the thieves used the sim card to reach family and friend to extort money and other services that would have otherwise been extended to the sim card owner, to prevent this, it is important to report the case to the police and get the sim card blocked, check out cpn numbers legal to learn more.