1. 8. 2021
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Benefits of Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a form of therapy, whereby the patient is exposed to extreme cold conditions for some time. Some people find this form of therapy odd, but it is so successful that more people want to try it out, and hence the reason for its growing popularity. Cryotherapy can be performed on the entire body or a specific part. Your needs are what determines which part the technique will be done on. Localized cryotherapy, or cryotherapy to a specific area, can be administered in many different ways. Common techniques of administering localized cryotherapy include administration through ice packs, ice baths, and ice massages.

Those who go for cryotherapy for the entire body enter makeshift tanks, that are open at the top, to leave space for one’s head. After settling, one is exposed to sub-zero temperatures for a few minutes. Before you have a cryotherapy session, ensure that you first get your doctor’s go-ahead. Though cryotherapy is safe, it is not administered to children, pregnant women, people with heart conditions, and those suffering from high blood pressure, because the cold temperatures can put them at risk. Strict adherence to the recommended timeframe is vital. One should also never fall asleep during a session. This article seeks to look at some of the reasons for the growing popularity of cryotherapy.

Firstly, cryotherapy helps with muscle healing and pain relief. Many people suffering from arthritis use cryotherapy to make their pain more manageable. Cryotherapy produces fast results, and this is why a lot of athletes today opt for these sessions rather than other treatment alternatives. If you work out a lot, then you should also consider ice pack cryotherapy to try and reduce the effects of intense workouts.

Cryotherapy is also becoming popular because of the effects it has on inflammation. The human body fights off most infections through inflammation. The immune system can become over-reactive, and this is when chronic inflammations cause illnesses such as dementia and diabetes are seen. Since cryotherapy reduces inflammation, it can be said to reduce the risk of several chronic illnesses caused by chronic inflammation.

Thirdly, cryotherapy reduces migraine symptoms. This therapy is used to treat migraines, by numbing nerves found in the neck. You can relieve yourself of migraines through cryotherapy by wrapping ice packs with a towel and pressing the towel on your carotid arteries in the neck area.

There have also been positive results in the use of cryotherapy to treat mood disorders. Cryotherapy is effective in the treatment of mood disorders because extremely cold temperatures affect the body’s hormones. It helps with this by stimulating the body to release adrenaline and endorphins.

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